At Kinesia Pilates Studio we teach Romana's Pilates, also known as Classical Pilates or Authentic Pilates. Our instructors are certified and experienced, we will guide you in specific ways to help you move forward in your physical conditioning goals.

We offer beginner-friendly Fundamentals Classes, and for those with more experience permission only All-Levels Apparatus Classes. Personal training in Private lessons and Duets are tailored to your needs and goals. Owner/instructor Christl Marcontell additionally teaches Kettlebell weight training in Private Lessons.

Romana’s Pilates is a learnable, energizing workout designed to mobilize your joints, balance flexibility and strength, and prepare your body to function at its best for normal daily activity; Pilates is excellent general conditioning and agility training for all bodies. Your teachers will show you how to bring your mind and body into focus, from which you develop self-awareness and better physical control.

Appointment Requests: We offer Private Lessons and Apparatus Classes.

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Bring Pilates Mat classes to your business, or establish corporate classes at our studio. Contact Christl for details.

To schedule a 60-minute Introductory Orientation, please call us at 206-621-8862 or email frontdesk@kinesiapilates.com.

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Learn how to get a workout using the Reformer in small group Apparatus Fundamentals Class. Pilates is progressive skill building, the class advances as the groups skills increase. Claim your spot now! New classes weekdays at 7:30am, noon, and 5:30pm and 10am Saturday. Sign up online at $17 per class for a 50% discount for the month of Feb. Use promo code: REFORMER.

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