What is going on with your gut?

Getting sick is a let-down, and chronic illness or pain can seem like a barrier between yourself and your life. Increasingly doctors are looking at the health of your gut to address illness, allergies, inflammatory pain and disease, diabetes, and even mental health. There are health challenges at all ages, children and young people can suffer physical and emotional pain as severe as someone “getting old”. From the moment of birth our bodies are constantly restructuring, and how well that goes depends alot on our daily maintenance.

Return to Life:

In his book “Return to Life” Joe Pilates observed that urban lifestyles create nervous tension and mental strain, which erodes our ability regenerate during sleep. In turn we use stimulants, depressants, and anti-depressants to sustain a hectic lifestyle. Between stress, and the effects of bad eating habits and substance abuse, many people are finding good general health a slippery goal.

That is why Pilates classes usually start laying down - so that the organs can rest from the strain of upright posture. Starting with a breathing exercise to raise energy and circulation (The Hundred), each movement builds to the next to bring you from the floor to your feet. In 50 minutes you rest and revitalize your system by working your lungs to pump blood through your body, flushing and sweating out toxins. At the heart and soul of Pilates are rolling movements, and learning how to do these correctly and safely for your body is the prerequisite to getting legendary results.

“...When you lie down or when your rise, “roll” and “unroll” your spine exactly like a wheel rolling forward and backward... It is the very action of “rolling” and “unrolling” that cleanses your lungs by driving out the impure air and forcing in the pure air…” - Joe Pilates

You Are What You Ate

Good health doesn’t depend on your physical activity level alone. No matter how many steps your fitbit tracks, if the contents in your digestive-tract are out of balance you aren’t going to get all the results that you seek. While some people have admirably disciplined diets, that can be hard for others to achieve. In my quest for better gut health I decided to give collagen a try. I decided on “Vital Proteins” because I like their “sustainably harvested” ethic.

To start out I tried the “Collagen Peptides” sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows from Brazil or New Zealand. This is essentially powdered bone broth. It has no smell. I put it in my coffee, it has no taste or consistency. I also tried it in herbal tea and still found no smell or taste. I did notice a taste in plain water, rather like sniffing a bit of rawhide. The serving size is one or two scoops, once or twice a day. I put one scoop in the morning coffee, and one scoop in my evening herbal tea. Here’s what happened:

  • First week I noticed improvement in my achy, degenerating ankle joint
  • Second week I noticed my skin looked fuller and my hair seemed thicker (I have baby-hair with a tendency to split ends)
  • Third week my “dancers knee” was less sensitive
  • When I drink at night my stomach feels full and content from the protein and probiotics, like drinking a glass of milk
  • 18g Protein/72 Calories

For my second month I am trying the “Marine Collagen” which is harvested from wild-caught fish in compliance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. The cost is higher due to compliance with strict standards to sustain the health of our oceans. This one has a little consistency, like a bit of sediment. There is no texture, odor, or taste in coffee or herbal tea, but I didn’t try it in water this time. The serving size is the same. What I’ve noticed:

  • All the same benefits continue to increase
  • Hair is definitely stronger, eyebrows growing (at age 46 that is good news)
  • Ankle is dramatically improved
  • Leaner core muscle tone
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Lighter feeling in stomach
  • 11g Protein/44 Calories

I was so excited about the results that I decided to stock them in our boutique. In addition to “Collagen Peptides” and “Marine Collagen” I picked up “Collagen Beauty Greens” which additionally include Raw Greens and Probiotics. Serving size is one scoop per day. This is a great choice for those who are:

  • Feeling burnt-out due to stress
  • Training for competition or endurance activity
  • Travel a lot
  • Have had to take a round of antibiotics
  • Don’t eat enough greens
  • 10g Protein/70 Calories
  • Coconut/Vanilla flavor

Interested in learning more, or would like to try a sample? Come down and talk to us! The boutique is open noon - 6pm weekdays. We will be holding our First Thursday open house every month from 4pm - 6pm.

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