I have been a student for several years at Kinesia Pilates. I work a physically demanding job and race bicycles. I typically train 6 days a week on my bicycle, thinking this was the best way to get strong and stay that way. Much to my surprise I found that Pilates was the key ingredient that I have been missing in my workouts. The core strength and breathing control I have gained have notably improved my workouts and ultimately my performance. I have also gained a self confidence which has helped me stay focused during strenuous workouts and competitions. I highly recommend Kinesia Pilates to anyone who wants to do something good for their body and self-esteem. Regardless how active you are now you have something to gain by giving Pilates a try. Christl, Gay and Whitney are experts in their field and make each class something to look forward too. They recognize each person as an individual and help you get the most out of the program. Thank you Kinesia gang, the strength and encouragement I gained from each of you helped me reach the top of the podium this year at USA Cycling Nationals.