I incorporated posture I learned in Pilates into my running, and I also adopted a forward lean, which must be supported by a strong core. As soon as I made these two changes, my leg pain disappeared. Four months of Pilates classes combined with my new running posture and appropriate rest and recovery, and I was able to get a 14 and a half minute personal marathon record at Eugene, and the only thing sore after the race were my muscles.
Because I’m learning to sense and control my core muscles, I am able to consciously employ them during hard workouts like riding hills, when I practice efficient pedal strokes (one-legged pedaling), and I trust they’ll keep my posture solid for the 112-mile duration of my Ironman ride this August. As for swimming, my “boat” feels stronger (floppy boats don’t glide through the water), my reach is improving, and my pull is gaining more power and control.
I’m only getting started, but I’m seeing positive changes in both strength and motion control. And with three sports already consuming so much time, I only stick with things that give me results.