Small Group Classes

Reformer and Mat Classes

The Reformer and the Mat are designed to work together as a system. The goal is to get a workout that engages your brain, moves your body on all planes, and stimulates breathing and circulation. Learn how to use the Reformer and Mat in small group Pilates classes.

In general the Reformer is considered the best way to start because it provides a frame, but for some people working with the straps, the moving platform, and the narrow bar can be a struggle, especially in the beginning. Learning the Mat can be a simpler way to start. For others, the mat may not be recommended to start.

A classical Pilates workout is 55 minutes.  Start with 30-40 minutes on the Reformer, then 15-25 on the Mat and/or other apparatus. End with a Traditional Ending, the Wall, Stretches, or 5  minutes rest, then go back to your day refreshed!

Read more about “Reformer Vs Mat” in our Blog.

Precise technique is what makes Pilates training effective and prevents injury. If you are new to practice, out of practice, or if you have chronic limitations, please come to our Fundamentals classes to get started. You can also schedule personal training in Private lessons to accelerate your results.

We have created a variety of small group classes to help you learn how to use the classic Reformer and Mat system, as well as unique combinations to focus on the Mat along with other Apparatus.  Not all classes are scheduled at all times, some will rotate seasonally.

Pilates Fundamentals

These classes are great basic training for beginners who are just learning the material, and for experienced clients who want to focus on basics. Learn how to use the Reformer and other apparatus. Total body conditioning can also complement the work you do with a physical therapist. If you are seeing a doctor be sure to talk to them about starting anything new.

  • Pilates Fundamentals: Reformer, Mat, Apparatus, Traditional Endings.
  • Mat + Pilates Barre: Standing Pilates at a ballet barre.
  • Mat + Weights: Pilates standing dumbbell sequences.
  • Restorative Mat: Breathing, follow developmental movement patterns.
  • Magic Circle Mat Class: Mat with the Magic Circle.
  • Mat + Springs: Tower of power.

All-Levels: In these classes the basics are not explained.

These classes are for experienced clients who know their workout and transitions. Be prepared to workout more independently at a faster pace. There will be variation in routines and pacing, and basic exercises will not be explained.

  • All-Levels Apparatus: Depends on group.
  • Mat + Chair: Vertical Pilates.
  • Rhythmic Reformer:65 movements in 50 minutes.

"Equipment is what you use to do work. Machines work you. You work Apparatus."
- Romana Kryzanowska