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  • Margaret

    Working with Christl is wonderful. She and Gay are so good at recognizing how each body is different. As our class is working together they quickly point out which muscle group should be doing the work and guides us so we all correctly accomplish the movement to get the most benefit from the class. Pilates has helped me stay flexible and build strength I never knew I had! I look forward to every session!

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  • Karen

    This is the real deal. Expert, thoughtful training that could transform me into a real athlete, if I wasn't so lazy away from the studio. Instead Kinesia keeps me fit, and limber: in rather better shape than I was 20 years ago.

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  • Jill B
    Jill B,

    I can't say enough about my experience at Kinesia. I signed up for one of their specials for yelpers about a month ago. I am a runner and recently injured my groin. I was hoping this would help heal my injury and balance out my workouts. Christl, the owner, is just the most wonderful person and made my experience comfortable yet challenging. She tailored my workouts to my needs. Her studio is very attractive and relaxing. It really is a great atmosphere. It is amazing how much better I feel after Pilates, I am hooked. I highly recommend her!

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  • Dan

    I'm a very goal oriented person and tend to exercise regularly only if I have something specific to work towards like a mountain peak or a race. I got into Pilates because I was looking for a background exercise to "come home to" when I was between physical projects. I have been extremely happy with the results. It's not just about getting strong (although I want that too). For me, it's really about training my body to respond accurately and correctly to my intent. Pilates trains your entire nervous system, from your brain to your little toes, to work together to maximum effectiveness. Whether you're completely out of shape or just looking to improve your developed sports performance, Pilates will give you a more effective (and better looking) body.

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  • Beth

    Christl is an amazing teacher who works with the capabilities of each student. The studio is ultra-clean and the environment is always healthy. The price is right as well.

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  • Mistilyn
    Mistilyn ,

    Kinesia Pilates studio sets the bar for knowledge, professionalism, and client service. All the Kinesia instructors are extremely knowledgable and hand-selected for their pilates credentials and people skills. The full service studio offers a highly personalized service that is a good balance of kinsethetic science and personal motivation. It's an intense and effective workout - some might even say therapeutic. And, after two years, I can't imagine my week without a few hours spent with Christl and the Kinesia team!

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  • Jenn

    I incorporated posture I learned in Pilates into my running, and I also adopted a forward lean, which must be supported by a strong core. As soon as I made these two changes, my leg pain disappeared. Four months of Pilates classes combined with my new running posture and appropriate rest and recovery, and I was able to get a 14 and a half minute personal marathon record at Eugene, and the only thing sore after the race were my muscles. Because I’m learning to sense and control my core muscles, I am able to consciously employ them during hard workouts like riding hills, when I practice efficient pedal strokes (one-legged pedaling), and I trust they’ll keep my posture solid for the 112-mile duration of my Ironman ride this August. As for swimming, my “boat” feels stronger (floppy boats don’t glide through the water), my reach is improving, and my pull is gaining more power and control. I’m only getting started, but I’m seeing positive changes in both strength and motion control. And with three sports already consuming so much time, I only stick with things that give me results.

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  • David

    A thorough and focused work-out. I really appreciate that; as a busy person I want the time I allocate for working out to do the most good. The teachers know how to focus in on just what you need that day sometimes stretching, sometimes alignment or strengthening. The emphasis on correct form means you get the most benefit from each moment of effort.

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  • John

    As I guy I tend to focus on things that can be measured. Since walking in the studio about a year ago I have lost 15 lbs, gained overall body conditioning and muscle tone, and trimmed my waist by nearly 3.5", gained two (2) new friends, and have a deep rooted respect for the instructors at Kinesia Pilates as I watch other students in the studio improve mentally and physically as they are provided a thorough grounding in the next best step for them.

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  • James and Karen
    James and Karen,

    This studio shows there's much more to Pilates than knowledge of the technique, or lots of equipment: truly talented, intuitive and, yes, relentless teaching makes it extraordinary.

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  • Linda

    What makes Kinesia Pilates the very best is the owner and lead instructor, Christl Marcontell. She is dedicated, caring, tough and a great teacher. She usually has a new muscle or theme for the week and her verbal cues for visualization are at the same time funny and effective. I hope to always be within 50 miles of Christl...thanks to her, I am stronger and more fit at 58 years of age than I have ever been.

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  • Ursula

    I love this place - the instructors, the studio and atmosphere make it a wonderful place to practice pilates. The instructors' really care about their clients!

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  • Sue

    I have been taking Pilates at Kinesia for one year and it has changed my life. Instructor Gay Marcontell has not only taught me the importance of a strong core through Pilates exercises, but I now walk taller and have learned how to breathe in any and all situations. I can't wait to see how my body and mind changes in the next year. Thank you Gay!

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  • Sava

    I have a chronic condition and decided to try out Pilates as just a way to improve my day to day quality of life. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was a little bit doubtful that my physical limitations wouldn’t allow me to get the most benefit out of the Pilates sessions. And then I met Gay! Not only has she worked with me patiently and compassionately, but she has taught me a new way of listening to my body, a new way of moving it. She is the best teacher that can be. Her patience, grace and knowledge come through in every session. Pilates has proven to be an element of my life that keeps me grounded and happy, and Gay’s teaching have been the essence of it. My quality of life has improved so much, and I am so happy about it!

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  • Margareta

    I have been a student for several years at Kinesia Pilates. I work a physically demanding job and race bicycles. I typically train 6 days a week on my bicycle, thinking this was the best way to get strong and stay that way. Much to my surprise I found that Pilates was the key ingredient that I have been missing in my workouts. The core strength and breathing control I have gained have notably improved my workouts and ultimately my performance. I have also gained a self confidence which has helped me stay focused during strenuous workouts and competitions. I highly recommend Kinesia Pilates to anyone who wants to do something good for their body and self-esteem. Regardless how active you are now you have something to gain by giving Pilates a try. Christl, Gay and Whitney are experts in their field and make each class something to look forward too. They recognize each person as an individual and help you get the most out of the program. Thank you Kinesia gang, the strength and encouragement I gained from each of you helped me reach the top of the podium this year at USA Cycling Nationals.

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