Private Lessons

Private lessons are Personal training in Pilates tailored to your needs and goals. Your body is complicated and your goals change over time, your training should be intelligent and versatile too. Pilates is adaptable, safe general conditioning and agility training for any body.

In Private lessons we:

  • Work with your unique learning style to help you create the mind/body connections to give you better physical control
  • You will learn at your own pace instead of being tied to group dynamic
  • Choose the time that works best for your schedule
  • Focus on your own priorities, whether that includes normalizing your general condition after an injury, or focusing the workout on specific strength or flexibility goals
  • In your Private lessons your teacher will help you take the small steps that lead you to your goals, and challenge your coordination, memory function and strength for a sustainable workout.

We will give you the tools to firm up your core, counter the effect of working at a desk, or take your sport to the next level. We teach a learnable workout on the Reformer and Mat, so you can get measurable progress.

Private Lessons are scheduled throughout all hours of operation from 7am until 7:30pm weekdays and by appointment on the weekends. Call us to talk about the schedule, or email with your available times and we will help you develop a schedule. You can also check our online scheduler for openings, however we will book appointments based on request.

Duets – a Private Lesson shared by two friends – may also be scheduled.


Talk to Us
We'd love to hear from you with any questions or to schedule an appointment. You can contact us online, by email at, or by phone at 206-621-8862.