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Return to Life - Pilates Mat Workshop


Dates: Febuary 28, 2017

Times: 1-3pm

Cost: $65

Subscribers $40

Join Us!

“Return to Life” is the title of the handbook written and modeled by Joe Pilates. A simple manual of 34 body-weight exercises that develop in intensity from the floor, to standing, to balances.

The Pilates Mat is a great addition to anyone’s home workout, however the original material is often omitted, obscured, lost, or forgot because it’s so damn hard.

Pilates full-body movement patterns are done with low reps (5-10), and high intensity precision. Think fast, move with your breath, focus on your performance. Pilates is mind/body training, taking time to concentrate on your breath and movement renews your objectivity and control.

In this workshop you will learn;

  • The order for the entire original mat series
  • The technique for anatomical breathing, safety and basic progressions
  • Dynamic and transitions
  • Personal adaptations will be covered

The original mat is composed of dynamic movement sequences. Movements like rolling, planking, lateral and cross-lateral bending, kneeling, shoulder rolls and balances, leg and arm balancing will all be covered.

All levels are welcome. If you cannot do some of the movements you can learn how to progress toward those goals.

Next month, join the Pilates community in an international online celebration of Pilates Mat! March Matness is a fun event where participants can connect with each other on social media using the power of the hashtag. Each day is dedicated to one exercise in the sequence from “Return to Life”, and participants show their creative expression of a specific Pilates exercises.