Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Mat + Weights

Pilates Mat is a body-weight workout done in the space the size of a beach towel. Light dumbbell weight training helps gain normal shoulder function and relieve neck strain. Mat Classes are core intense, fun, reduce stress, and free up your joints. Class sizes are limited so you will get specific coaching for better results. These classes are budget friendly and offer a learnable addition to your home and travel self-care routine.

Magic Circle Mat Class

Spice up your Mat with the Magic Circle! This classic steel Pilates ring will help connect you to your center and deepen your Powerhouse. It is versatile and assists with pulling in or pushing away symmetrically. It can also serve as a prop for stretching or support for isometric stabilization.

Mat + Spine Corrector

The Spine-Corrector helps you target areas that are weak, stiff, or tight so that you can build strength, better control, and flexibility. True to it’s name, your spine will feel better then after a trip to the chiropractor. Open your chest, neck and shoulders, hips and lower back, and deepen your powerhouse. If you have twists in your spine, and many people do whether from scoliosis or posture, you can use the barrel to safely balance the rotations. Get the benefit of massage, circulation, and detoxification through anatomical breathing and rhythmic movement.



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