Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Mat + Weights

Pilates Mat class including standing dumbbell weight training.  Using light weight isometrically strengthens, stretches, and stabilizes your shoulders and neck. Good for beginners to advanced.

Mat + Springs

Joe Pilates used springs to give him the physique of a Greek statue. Arm springs, leg springs, roll-back bar, push-through bar... Your teacher will lead you in a variety of exercises to for a full body workout.

Springs classes are not recommended if you have unstable knees, kneecaps, or are hyper-mobile. Try our Mat + Weights or Apparatus Fundamentals. Contact us if you have any questions at all.

Mat + Pilates Barre

"Stretch with Strength"

Standing Pilates using a ballet barre for support. This safe and accessible class includes ballet-based Pilates exercises that strengthen the feet, ankles, legs, and hips, increase symmetrical muscle balance, stretch, and improve posture for the neck and shoulders. This is not a ballet class, nor a “Barre” class.  Good for beginners to advanced.


Pilates Mat

Pilates mat is a bodyweight workout done in the space the size of a beach towel. At Kinesia Pilates we teach the original material found in Joe Pilates manual "Return to Life" as well as inspiration from physical culture and dance. Mat Classes build core strength, flexibility, reduce stress, and stimulate your brain. These classes offer a learnable addition to your home and travel self-care routine.


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