Group Apparatus Classes

Pilates is good for everybody. You will get personalized training in small group apparatus classes. No experience is necessary to get started in our Fundamentals Apparatus Classes or Mat Classes. If you find it difficult to stay with a group please contact us for Private lessons first. General athletic conditioning can complement the work you do with a physical therapist. If you are seeing a doctor be sure to talk to them about starting anything new.

All-Levels Apparatus

ALL-LEVELS (instructor permission required): This class is for experienced students who are ready to work more independently and at a faster pace. There will be variation in routines and pacing, and basic exercises will not be explained​. Technique is highly emphasized with individual coaching throughout the class.​

Chair Class

ALL-LEVELS (instructor permission required): Originally designed by Joe to be small enough to fit easily into a New York apartment, the Chair’s unique and versatile design enables everyone to enjoy a beneficial workout particularly challenging for strength, balance, coordination and agility. Many of the chair exercises are done squatting, planking, or standing on one limb, it is ideal for practicing and improving balance.

"Equipment is what you use to do work. Machines work you. You work Apparatus."
- Romana Kryzanowska

Talk to Us
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Apparatus Fundamentals

FUNDAMENTALS (no experience necessary): This class is great basic training for beginners who are just learning Pilates Systems, and for those with experience who want to refine their technique. In this class, you will learn how to form the mind/body connections for relaxed posture, a stronger organizing principle in your movements, and better cognitive function. The lessons will move from the Reformer to the Mat and/or other apparatus: the Tower, Barrels, and the Chairs.

Pilates Tower

FUNDAMENTALS (no experience necessary): Joe Pilates used springs to give him the physique of a Greek statue. Arm springs, leg springs, roll-back bar, push-through bar; Your teacher will lead you in a variety of exercises to give a full body workout. In some cases knee injuries may be contraindicated for this class. If you have knee injuries please talk to us before signing up.