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Begin with an Orientation-Private. Then you can jump into classes depending on your learning style and preferences.

If you have questions let us know a good time to talk! You can also read our blog "How to Get Started in Pilates" help decide the best way to get started for your learning style and budget.

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Pilates Orientation-Private

Get 25% off your first Private-Orientation.

This is a prerequisite to the Trial One-Month-Unlimited Class Pass.

At this time you and your teacher will establish your goals and develop the best program to help you meet them. In this lesson you will be introduced to simple functional movements to help you gain core-strength and better flexibility. We then take you to the Reformer and other Apparatus to teach the introductory Pilates exercises which you will learn and build on as you progress. If you are interested in joining group classes your teacher will be able to give you an informed recommendation as to how to progress toward the classes that will be the best fit.

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A Private-Orientation is required before signing up for this pass. 

Come try all our different classes and see what is the best fit!

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