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Pilates Cross-Training for Bike Back

Yay For May! Getting back in the saddle is exhilarating, but the crunched over bike back, and tension dealing with traffic, can send your back and neck into spams.  To relieve the strain of this posture, and for cross-training, Pilates covers a lot of bases. Using the Reformer gives you resistance training, and the Pilates…
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Consistency is Key: Pilates is more than the Sum of its Parts

Whether or not you’re a student, the back to school time of year is a natural time to renew your commitment to mastering a skill. The dog days of summer have come to a close and that fall crisp in the air signals the beginning of a busy season leading up to the holidays. Now…
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Pilates Mat – A Rhythmic Bodyweight Workout for Every Body!

Sometimes all you need for a kick-butt workout is yourself and a mat. When it comes to working and toning muscles, you really don’t need much more than your own body’s strength. Pilates Mat classes are done without equipment in a space the size of a beach towel. At Kinesia Pilates we teach a varied…
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