Authentic Pilates

Authentic Pilates

We emphasize energetic, sustainable workouts, believing, as Joseph Pilates said, "Physical fitness is the first requisite for happiness".

Pilates is a great addition to anyone’s health and fitness regimen because it is adaptable to anyone's needs and capabilities. Unfortunately the original material is often omitted, obscured, lost, or forgotten because it is too vast and complex for fast-track training. Quality takes time, dedication, and patience.  We are proud that all our teachers are certified as Authentic Pilates teachers.

“If you have to change it, you don’t understand it”
(Jay Grimes)

A teacher of authentic Pilates spends at least a year training rigorously for certification, and then returns to the well constantly for inspiration, new patterns, archival material, and a community of body-to-body learning that goes back 50 years.

The name "Kinesia" is inspired by the pleasure of movement.

Love to Move. It is our mission to promote physical and mental well-being through exercise. We are committed to providing you with a classical Pilates experience responsive to your needs and goals.

More about Joe Pilates - The Inventor of Contrology

"Physical fitness is the first requisite for happiness."
–Joe Pilates

Pilates, sometimes called the Pilates method, is named after legendary physical fitness trainer Joseph Pilates [1880-1967). He devised the mat exercises as a method for conditioning his body for better health and for self-defence (childhood ailments caused him to be a target of schoolyard bullies), later teaching it to police officers, acrobats, dancers, and boxers.

He also invented apparatus to help rehabilitate injured soldiers during WW1, and expanded and perfected his system over the next 40+ years. Pilates called this systematic approach "contrology"; a sophisticated repertory of specific exercise sequences that alternate muscle groups in a logically devised pattern. He emphasized using rhythm, mental focus and breath to intensify the effect, giving the practitioner the benefit of endurance training in less time.

The exercises include working with resistance equipment to improve posture and offer strength training without reinforcing old habits and injuries.

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