3 Ways to Improve Your Pilates Teaser

3 Ways to Improve Your Pilates Teaser

 The Pilates Teaser is appropriately named because it is so difficult to get right! It is considered a transitional exercise between Beginner to Intermediate level, and is a rite of passage for any serious student of Pilates. You should have a solid Teaser before progressing to back-bends and shoulder-stands in the Advanced work.

The best way to improve the elements that make a great Teaser is by using the full “Pilates System” (learn more about Pilates Systems here)...

The elements required to execute a perfect teaser are:

  • Core Strength
  • Hamstring Flexibility
  • Strong Lower Back

Using the Pilates Systems you can achieve all of those goals, and your Teaser will shine.

  1. Core Strength

Perfect your Roll-Up. The Teaser is the Roll-Up on steroids. The Roll-Up is the second mat exercise. Learn how to keep your legs down when you are rolling up. Use a sandbag or a strap to anchor your feet. The Roll-Up is only supposed to have 3 reps, but most people can safely do up to 6x. Don’t do more reps because you could strain your back. Just make sure to do it more regularly.

         2.  Hamstring Flexibility

This is where the springs on the Reformer and the Tower come into play. A basic-level Reformer workout will help open up the hamstrings, and the Tower stretches will go deeper. The basic premise is that the muscles are supported in their stretching, which encourages them to lengthen safely.

If you have tight hamstrings you should not straighten you legs in a Teaser. You will need to bend your knees until you have more flexibility.

       3.  Strong Lower Back

If you have a weak back be sure to do your Push-Ups and planks more often. You may also have good luck with Standing Arm-Springs and going up Front on the Chair. In Standing Arm Springs you hold springs with your arms and doing lunges or squats for your hips (an essential element of good lower back health).  Going Up on the chair additional targets the hips and glutes.

If you focus on these elements for a month (at 2x per week)  you should see an strong improvement in your Teaser!


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